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Tutoring and Enrichment




Mountain Community Montessori School is now offering individual instruction in mathematics and language arts. My approach utilizes a Montessori philosophy and beautiful hands-on learning materials to connect with each child where he or she is at and draw out your child's natural interest and capabilities. Whether your child is homeschooling/unschooling or enrolled in a traditional school, this special one-on-one time could help them develop their strengths and overcome any challenges attributed to

skill gaps or lack of confidence. Let's get started!

Music Lessons

Every child deserves a chance to explore music in a joyful and creative way. I specialize in planting the seeds of interest that can lead to a lifelong connection to music and song. We will explore many rich traditions of music, from world folk to classical, and develop an embodied understanding of the basic elements of music through games, movement and singing. We will build a common language that can then be used to develop your child's own songs or songs they love with the addition of a range of instruments. As students advance they may gain the opportunity to record their own music or arrange their songs for groups of other young musicians. I bring years of experience as both a song-creator and a trained music teacher to this work. Pop music is not my specialty, although I do draw repertoire from some contemporary traditions. I seek to expose each child to music they might not otherwise hear. 


Enrichment Classes

Small group classes coming soon! These classes will allow your child to experience joyful learning in a community of peers.

Some examples:

The Natural Roots of Science

Living Color Labs: Natural and Sustainable Arts

Maker's Theater: from Pen to Production

Following the Crumbs from Farm to Table

Spanish Language!

Mud, Sand and Soil Deep Dive

Ragdolls, Fabric Creatures and their Worlds

These creative and open-ended classes are appropriate for children ages

6-12 who are either enrolled in school or engaged in home-based learning. Be the first to know when these classes become available. 

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