Q: How many students will there be in the class? 

A: Class size is small and is limited to 8 children. 


Q: What is the cost of tuition? 

A: Academic year tuition is scheduled in 10 monthly installments on a sliding scale of $650 - $1250 per month. Our tuition scale is designed to make the program affordable for you. 


Q: How will the coronavirus outbreak affect the operation of the school?

A: We are preparing for all eventualities. At this time we fully expect the school to be offering full-time, in-person programing in the fall semester.


Q: Is your school licensed? 

A: Yes we are licensed by the Department of Social Services (license # 293623521). 


Q: Is it also accredited as a school? 

A: The Department of Education does not oversee private schools but it does require us to maintain a record of attendance for every school-age child enrolled. As with any private school, when enrolled, your child will be considered to be in a full-time elementary program.  


Q: Can we enroll our child part-time?

A: In order to provide optimal social-emotional and cognitive learning conditions we require full-time enrollment. 


Q: Do you offer after-care? 

A: At this time we do not offer after-care. 


Q: Do students participate in standardized testing? 

A: In the future we may offer standardized testing as an option for older children. We do not limit children’s learning to that which is featured on standardized testing. However, educational benchmarks such as those included in the Common Core are made available to the children and comprise one of many factors that guide the children’s work. 


Q: Will my child be prepared to integrate into a traditional school after they graduate? 

A: According to a number of studies and in my personal experience, children who are educated in Montessori schools typically meet or exceed the skills of their peers at traditional schools in core subjects and social development. Less quantifiable but just as important are a likelihood of increased self-confidence, a positive relationship with teachers and a willingness to tackle new subjects and skill-sets. 

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