How to Apply

Enrollment for 2021opens February 15 but you are welcome to send us your questions ahead of that time. 



We use a sliding scale to promote equity in our community. 

Tuition for the Academic Year Program is $6,500 - 12,500.


How to Apply 

The enrollment process is simple.


1) First, contact the office to schedule an interview and a tour (or virtual tour) of the school (tours will begin in February or March).


The first tour/meeting is for the parents/guardians only, a time when your questions can be answered and your goals shared. (It is important that your child has the teacher's undivided attention when she/he visits the classroom for the first time.)


2) The next step is to submit an application. The form can be completed in its entirety online.

3) Next you will complete a sliding scale form. This will help us determine your placement on our tuition scale. First read the instructions, then fill out the sliding scale application using our secure, confidential process. An independent organization called SSS (School and Student Services) handles this for your privacy. There is a $50 fee for this application, but the organization will actually waive your fee if your income qualifies you! This process will not take long but you will need to have your most recent tax filing handy. SSS will let us know what you can afford to pay and we will subsequently provide you with your customized tuition rate. 

4) Once you have applied and submitted an SSS application, your child will also come for a visit. I will show your child around the school, spend a little time with them and if time provides, we will do a simple activity together.

5) At this point, you will receive an acceptance letter, tuition offer and the enrollment packet. You will be asked to submit all required forms along with your initial deposit within a week of receiving the acceptance letter. Most of the forms can be completed digitally on the school's secure online platform.